Aroma Heal Products

This book guides you and takes you step by step through simple healing techniques that combine the use of essential oils to empower you to take part in your own healing as you let go and release emotional issues that have weighed you down. The inner work you can do with this one book alone, is significant. The beauty of it is you can use these tools on yourself for your own inner healing as well as for your family. Each tool is scripted for easy use. Simple and effective! 

In this amazing book we get deeper into emotional healing using essential oils. We hit another layer of healing. Book 1 lays the essential foundation and Book 2 takes you deeper into yourself and the relationships around you. You will also receive the newest most powerful tool to support Sexual Healing. That tool alone is worth getting the book for! Imagine experiencing healing for under $20!! And you have it at your fingertips to reference always. All tools are easily scripted and matched with essential oils to enhance their effectiveness. 

This beautiful sturdy card deck was created to enhance, balance, and support emotional healing. They help create positivity and mindfulness and are powerful tools to use daily. Each card contains insightful information on the healing properties of a specific essential oil- what it helps to release emotionally, what it instills, which chakra on the body to put the oil on, a centering thought to use while in meditation and the beautiful abilities the oil has to enhance emotional healing. So much information just on one card! These are a fave among our customers and get rave reviews every time! 


This bundle gets you the most value! You get the whole complete Aroma Heal set for less by buying them all together!  Both books along with the incredible card deck to have the whole Aroma Heal system in your hands.

Aroma Heal 1
Aroma Heal 2
Aroma Heal Emotional Mindfulness Card Deck

Get all 3 Aroma Heal Products for one low price.