Aroma Heal Online Course

Course Summary

The Aroma Heal Online Training program is a good fit for those who:
-Are seeking to find their own gifts and abilities in healing.
-Have a desire to educate and empower themselves on their own healing and the use of essential oils emotionally.
-Find it difficult to travel to a workshop due to expense or location.
-Want to be able to do it in the luxury of their own home at their own pace.
-Have family or work obligations.

During our easy-to-understand online class you will receive the following:
-6 week online training course with weekly videos and instruction broken down into modules.
A digital workbook manual for you to download and use throughout the course.
-Experience all 9 Healing Tools from BOTH our books but at a more in-depth level.
-In-depth training on each tool.
-Weekly Energy Healing Clearings (Christi charges $300 an hour per session and you get these weekly! So this is quite a deal- use them over and over to create more healing every single time!!)
-By the end of the online class, you will have the confidence to use the tools on your friends and family.

You will be able to:
-increase your positive energy
-know how to protect yourself energetically
-learn to clear worry, doubt and fear
-know how to release the baggage of the past
-know how to heal childhood wounds within you
-know how to cleanse and clear your own energy
-know how to change your energy in an instant from low to high
-know how to release heaviness within you and create a new freedom for yourself
-cleanse your energy and space of past sexual violation
-pull back to you your power and the energy that you have given away in any past relationship
-create self forgiveness within yourself

-You get access to the member's area with videos, clearings, recordings and education.
-A digital workbook manual for you to download and use throughout the course!
-In-depth training on the emotional aspects of the essential oils. Which ones to use specifically for specific emotional issues.
-Option to purchase essential oils at a reduced price.

Course Curriculum

Christi Diamond

Christi Diamond


I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use their essential oils for emotional healing. It is easy to understand, informative, very well organized and you can do it at your own pace. The course is full of practical excercises and valuable for anyone who wants to enhance their emotional healing. I really enjoyed creating it. Thank you!!

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Aroma Heal Online Course

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  • Learn the Aroma Heal Energy Healing Techniques and Experience ALL 9 Tools yourself as you become empowered to heal within your own

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